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Choose game windows before run

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I tried to help user to choose proccess before run the program. When I run the button, the program seems like freeze :idea:

Please help!

$TheList = GUICtrlCreateCombo("", 150, 160, 70)
$ListPro = ProcessList("game.exe")
$TheAOL = ""
$ProccessID = ""

If $ListPro[0][0] > 0 Then
    For $i = 1 to $ListPro[0][0] + 1
        If $i = $ListPro[0][0] + 1 Then
            $TheAOL &= $ListPro[$i][1] & "|"
            $i = $i + 1
    GUICtrlSetData($TheList, $ListPro, '')
    $ProccessID = GUICtrlRead(-1)
        MsgBox(0, "Warning!", "The Game is not Workin!!!")

$GameID = _MemoryOpen($ProccessID)

If I use this, it work but for all the windows of game.exe:

$ProccessID = ProcessExists("game.exe")
$GameID = _MemoryOpen($ProccessID)
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