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Create new context menu

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Hi there,

Is it possible to create a context menu, not in a GUI but just somewhere on the screen...

With context menu I mean a menu that looks like the TrayMenu and Right Click menu's

Any idea??

Thanks in advance, Rawox


Nevermind, I found a solution :idea:

I created an invisible GUI using @SW_HIDE, added a button and added a ContextMenu using


GUICreate ( "Test", 200, 200 )
$but = GUICtrlCreateButton ( "test", 10, 10 )
$menu = GUICtrlCreateContextMenu ( $but )
$item = GUICtrlCreateMenuItem ( "lol", $menu )
GUISetState ( @SW_HIDE )

And then used ControlClick to open the ContextMenu with a Hotkey.

Func _showMenu()
    ControlClick ( "Test", "", $but, "menu" )

Other ideas are still welcome!

Edited by Rawox

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