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Issues with FTPex.au3

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Hey there,

I searched the forum, but didn't see anything that had to do with this issue.

I'm creating a custom FTP interface for my company. Currently, I'm stuck on the issue that I cannot get the folder contents to refresh without completely exitting the script and connecting again. I am using _FTP_ListToArrayEx() to get the folder contents; this function does not appear to refresh the folder view when you call it a second time.

I already tried using _FTP_Close() and reestablishing the connection before attempting the refresh (to get a new session ID) but this did not help.

Any help is appreciated!

Func _UpdateFolder($folder) ;Update the contents of the provided DIR 
    _FTP_DirSetCurrent($FTP, $folder) ;Set the current directory to the new request
    $foldList = _FTP_ListToArrayEx($FTP, 0) ;This appears to be the problem area. This function doesn't actually gather more information from the server when it's called; it just reuses old data. 
    $ls = "3" ;ignore the . and .. that my server returns
        If $foldList[$ls][2] <> "16" Then ;If the item isn't a folder
            $size = "B"
            If $foldList[$ls][1] >= "1024" Then 
                $foldList[$ls][1] = $foldList[$ls][1] / "1024" ;turn >1024 bytes into KB
                $size = "KB"
            If $foldList[$ls][1] >= "1024" Then 
                $foldList[$ls][1] = $foldList[$ls][1] / "1024" ;turn >1024 kbytes into MB
                $size = "MB"
            $listVitem = GUICtrlCreateListViewItem($foldList[$ls][0] & "|" & $foldList[$ls][2] & "|" & Round($foldList[$ls][1], 2) & $size, $fListV)
            $listTitem = GUICtrlCreateTreeViewItem($foldList[$ls][0], GUICtrlRead($fTreeV)) ;Folders go in the treeview
        $ls = $ls + 1
    Until $ls > $foldList[0][0]

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try using the INTERNET_FLAG_RELOAD and INTERNET_FLAG_RESYNCHRONIZE as documented in the underlying FtpFindFirstFile function http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa384146(v=VS.85).aspx (which is called by _FTP_ListToArrayEx).

You are a savior. I completely forgot the flags existed, and your solution worked perfectly. Thanks so much!

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