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Need help tweaking my VERY simple script

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Hi all

I managed to successfully change an example script and make almost do exactly what i need

All i need is a script that will:

whenever i press v, wait 4 seconds then play a .wav file

the script that i have at the moment can do that, however the actual letter v is no longer sent when i press v with this script open

i tried throwing in a send("v") command but for some reason it stops the script from working

HotKeySet("{ESC}", "_Exit") 
HotKeySet("{v}", "MyFunc")

While 1 

Func _Exit()

Func MyFunc()   

im sure im just forgetting some arbitrary syntax or something, any help would be appreciated

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The Send() command is what you need but you also need to disable the HotKey first, send the letter and then set the hotkey again.

Just wondering: what kind of need do you have for this?

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If you add Send("v") in your function that will get picked up by the hotkey and the function will start again, before it gets a chance to run. To solve this you can:

1. Unset hotkey V at the start of your function, then Send("v") and then set the hotkey again.

2. Use _ispressed in your while loop to detect if "v" is pressed.

edit: Too slow :<

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I'm not very experienced with Autoit so I have no real clue of what your problem is.

By the way, you might try Send("v",1), which send raw keys. See help.

Other thing I notice, is a very long sleep time in that While loop (1000ms). Try to shorten it to 10 or 50.

Tell me if helped. Sorry, can't do more than this.

Edit: lol i would have never figured out.

To Jos. I think he's trying to code an automatic sound player for ventrilo (voip program like teamspeak) so you can play sounds over it with a simple hotkey. Just guessing though.

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I would reccomend changing your hotkey to a combination of keys, such as ALT+v:

HotKeySet("!v", "MyFunc")


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