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Determine filenames in dir

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Hello. I am using this code;

local $nrFiles
$nrFiles = DirGetSize(@scriptdir & "\xxxx\", 1)

To determine how many files there are in the "xxxx" directory. This works nice. $nrFiles[1] gives me back the number of files in this dir.

What i'm trying to accomplish is to read the filenames in this dir. The filenames are variable and never the same so i cant use Fileopen("thisfile.bla").

I had a look in the helpfile but the closest what i could find was FileGetShortName and FileGetLongName. The thing i need is "FileGetName".

Does anyone have a clue how to determine the filenames in the dir?

Thanks in advance :mellow:

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#include <Array.au3>
#include <File.au3>

$Path = @DesktopDir & "\"
$List = _FileListToArray($Path)



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