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Auto spacebar + right button mouse click

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iat the start I wanted to tell that I am Polish and my English is poor.

need a script to make a bot to click the right mouse button and the space very quickly, here is a model only by a space and click on to disable the touch of a button,

I'm starting in this field and I do not know how to do it

if the wrong section I apologize

HotKeySet("!{SPACE}", "AutoSpace")

HotKeySet("+{SPACE}", "UnAutoSpace")

Global $pick = 0

TrayTip ( "Made By NFWU", "Auto-spacer" & @CRLF & "Alt+SPACE Activate" & @CRLF & "Shift+SPACE Deactivate", 60 , 1 )

While 1


while $pick == 1




func AutoSpace()

$pick = 1


func UnAutoSpace()

$pick = 0


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hmm, i don't really know what are u think but try this:

#include <Misc.au3>

Local $hDll = DllOpen("user32.dll"), $iPaused = False
HotKeySet("!{ESC}", "_Terminate")
HotKeySet("!{PAUSE}", "_Pause")

While 1
    If $iPaused <> True And _IsPressed("20", $hDll) Then
        Send("{SPACE UP}")
        Send("{SPACE DOWN}")

Func _Pause()
    $iPaused = Not $iPaused

Func _Terminate()
    Exit 0
EndFunc   ;==>Terminate

if u hold down the spacebar it will press it quickly continously (sometimes used for bunnyhop)

if u don't wanted this, then sorry XD

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