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Translate C++ to autoit

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im stuck ...

if you can help me out with this, i will help you out with a few beers (or cash ... you decide)

CheckVideoDriver(bool Box)
        typedef BOOL (WINAPI* pEnumDisplayDevices)(PVOID,DWORD,PVOID,DWORD);
        HDC m_hrootdc=NULL;
        pEnumDisplayDevices pd=NULL;
        LPSTR driverName = "mv video hook driver2";
        BOOL DriverFound;
        DEVMODE devmode;
        FillMemory(&devmode, sizeof(DEVMODE), 0);
        devmode.dmSize = sizeof(DEVMODE);
        devmode.dmDriverExtra = 0;
        BOOL change = EnumDisplaySettings(NULL,ENUM_CURRENT_SETTINGS,&devmode);
        devmode.dmFields = DM_BITSPERPEL | DM_PELSWIDTH | DM_PELSHEIGHT;
        HMODULE hUser32=LoadLibrary("USER32");
        if (hUser32) pd = (pEnumDisplayDevices)GetProcAddress( hUser32, "EnumDisplayDevicesA");
        if (pd)
                LPSTR deviceName=NULL;
                DISPLAY_DEVICE dd;
                ZeroMemory(&dd, sizeof(dd));
                dd.cb = sizeof(dd);
                devmode.dmDeviceName[0] = '\0';
                INT devNum = 0;
                BOOL result;
                while (result = (*pd)(NULL,devNum, &dd,0))
                    if (strcmp((const char *)&dd.DeviceString[0], driverName) == 0)
                if (DriverFound)
                else if(Box) MessageBox(NULL,"Driver not found: Perhaps you need to reboot after install","driver info: required version 1.22",0);
    if (hUser32) FreeLibrary(hUser32);  
    return false;

ive naturally googled this, with no luck.

if you can point me in the right direction, i should be able to figure out the rest (hopefully) ...

ask a silly question and remain a fool for 5 minutes...don't ask, and remain a fool for life__JD - YTS | VNC2Me - Secure remote Desktop Support Solutions

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