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_IsPressed If Statements

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I just started Autoit and think its a great language, but I have come across something I can't figure out.

I try to make the code check if the spacebar is pressed and if it is then send a key after, but then stay running without exiting the program.

Heres the code

#include <Misc.au3>
$dll = DllOpen("user32.dll")

If _IsPressed("20", $dll) Then
        Send("{SPACE 20}")

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Yes. As the program you want to write basically must keep running till you don't stop it for listening for whenever you press you selected key (spacebar in your example) you have to keep it running till you don't stop it. You do this with a While 1 loop which keeps the program running infinitely. Also always add a sleep to infinite loops because otherwise it will keep running same cicle thousands of times in a few milliseconds.

In your posted code, it checks for the pression of spacebar just 1 time then the programs exits because istructions are ended. So you should press spacebar in the fraction of millisecond that the program runs to see the effect.

Hope it cleared things.

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