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Lan troubleshootin script

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I am having a problem with a network that seems to be going down on the internal side.

It has been very hard to troubleshoot so far.

I have verified that it is not a problem with the ISP.

I am about to attempt to write a script that will do the following:

Ping an IP, echo the current time, and write both to a log file.

That being said, I am a complete noob and welcome any help and or suggestions.

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I'd usually ignore "write my script" requests, but in this case you may not have realized how trivial this is:

FileWriteLine("OutputFile.txt","Ping Result- "&Ping("")&"  At- "&@Hour&":"&@MIN&":"&@SEC&":"&@MSEC)

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No, I am just that inexperienced.

My script went like this:

#Include <Date.au3>

$logfile = "C:\Pinglog.txt"

While 1=1
$SRV3 = Ping("www.google.com")
$tCur = _Date_Time_GetLocalTime()
FileWrite($logfile, "Ping response time: " & $SRV3 & $tCur & @CRLF)

This would actually have worked for me, though I am still having problems getting the time to write.

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