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Can't save filename and path to ini

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I've searched the forums about this but didn't find anything like this.

I'm creating a config app for another app I've made and here's the code that's been messing

Case $btn_Browse1
    $Process0Path = FileOpenDialog( "Open Process" , @WorkingDir & "\" , "Process (*.exe)", 1 )
    GUICtrlSetData( $inp_Process0 , StringRegExpReplace( $Process0Path , '^.*\\' , '' ) )

When I press the button $btn_Browse1 a open file dialog shows. Whit that you can only open .exe files to get their filename and path.

I then split the filename from the path and store it in another variable and shows them in the program.

All working fine so far. But here's the problem. When trying to save $Process0Path and $inp_Process0 to an .ini file nothing gets saved, UNLESS the choosen .exe is in the same folder as this app...

Here's the code for saving. Don't think anything is wrong here though as I can successfully save other variables to the same .ini file.

IniWrite( @WorkingDir & "\Config.ini" , "ProcessName" , "Process0" , GUICtrlRead( $inp_Process0 ) )
IniWrite( @WorkingDir & "\Config.ini" , "ProcessPath" , "Process0" , $Process0Path )

An ideas of what's wrong?

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The FilopenDialog changes the WorkingDir the ini is saved in the wrong folder. Try using @scripdir instead.

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From the help file under FileOpenDialog():

@WorkingDir is changed on successful return.


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