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winwait IE6 and IE8

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Hi all,

I have a script which installs an active x control as the local administrator.

The company where I have implemented this upgraded some of the IE6 to IE8.

Small difference in screen names.

IE6: Microsoft Internet explorer

IE8: Windows Internet Explorer.

In the original script i have the code:

WinWaitActive("Search Results - Microsoft Internet Explorer")

WinClose ( "Search Results - Microsoft Internet Explorer")

The sript is automatically called from within SAP. So I can not have two separate scripts.

I cannot use an external file to indicate which IE8 they are running.

  • Does anybody know if it is possible to wait for one screen, OR to wait for another screen. The first one it finds should be closed.

    Or would it be possible for autoit to find out which IE the user has installed, and based on that wait for the correct screen?

something like: if IE=6 then winwait .. winclose....else winwait...winclose

Thanks all for the help


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; Example 1
WinWait("[REGEXPTITLE:Search Results - (?:Microsoft|Windows) Internet Explorer]")

$hWnd = WinGetHandle("[REGEXPTITLE:Search Results - (?:Microsoft|Windows) Internet Explorer]")
ConsoleWrite("Closing window: " & $hWnd & @CRLF)

; Example 2
$aIE = WinList("[CLASS:IEFrame]")
If IsArray($aIE) Then
    For $i = 1 To $aIE[0][0]
        If StringRegExp($aIE[$i][0], "Search Results - (?:Microsoft|Windows) Internet Explorer") Then
            ConsoleWrite("Closing window: " & $aIE[$i][1] & @CRLF)

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i will try this.

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