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Extracting information using XMLDomWrapper

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Hi, thanks for stopping by. I have the following XML document and am trying to discover how I can extract the names of the fields as held in the value="" attributes.

- <results>
  - <metadata>
    - <fields>
        <name value="IMPORTID" alias="IMPORTID" type="7" size="4" scale="0" /> 
        <name value="MODELID" alias="MODELID" type="7" size="4" scale="0" /> 
        <name value="DATE" alias="DATE" type="2" size="4" scale="0" /> 
        <name value="FILECRC" alias="FILECRC" type="7" size="4" scale="0" /> 
        <name value="URL" alias="URL" type="5" size="200" scale="0" /> 
        <name value="IMPORTDATE" alias="IMPORTDATE" type="2" size="4" scale="0" /> 
        <name value="RC_STAMP" alias="RC_STAMP" type="4" size="8" scale="0" /> 
        <name value="HO_STAMP" alias="HO_STAMP" type="4" size="8" scale="0" /> 
        <name value="YN" alias="YN" type="5" size="1" scale="0" /> 
  - <data>
    - <row num="1">
      - <URL>
          <![CDATA[  ]]> 
      <RC_STAMP>2006-05-29 20:59:40</RC_STAMP> 
      <HO_STAMP>2008-05-17 16:08:47</HO_STAMP> 
      - <YN>
          <![CDATA[  ]]> 

I have the following which runs, but it seems to only return the last attribute "YN"

$ReturnedNodeValue =_XMLGetAllAttrib("/results/metadata/fields/name",$aAttrName,$aAttrValue);
_ArrayDisplay($ReturnedNodeValue," $ReturnedNodeValue ")
_ArrayDisplay($aAttrName," $aAttrName ")
_ArrayDisplay($aAttrValue," $aAttrValue ")

The output looks like this

[Row]  [Col 0]  [Col 1]  [Col 2]  [Col 3]  [Col 4]  [Col 5]  [Col 6]
[0]    [5]      [value]  [alias]  [type]   [size]   [scale]  []
[1]    []       [YN]     [YN]     [5]      [1]      [0]      []

[Row]  [Col 0]
[0]    [value]
[1]    [alias]
[2]    [type]
[3]    [size]
[4]    [scale]

[Row]  [Col 0]
[0]    [YN]
[1]    [YN]
[2]    [5]
[3]    [1]
[4]    [0]

So it looks as though it is only getting the last entry and I really need to get all of the entries.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance for taking the time to look at my problem here.

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You could do something like this

$iCount = _XMLGetNodeCount("/results/metadata/fields/name")

Local $aAttrName,$aAttrValue

For $i = 1 to $iCount

    $ReturnedNodeValue =_XMLGetAllAttrib("/results/metadata/fields/name[" & $i & "]",$aAttrName,$aAttrValue);
    _ArrayDisplay($ReturnedNodeValue," $ReturnedNodeValue ")
    _ArrayDisplay($aAttrName," $aAttrName ")
    _ArrayDisplay($aAttrValue," $aAttrValue ")


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You may find this helpful,

#include <_XMLDOMWrapper.au3>
#include <Array.au3>

; Open file
$sXML = @ScriptDir & "\Test.xml"
If _XMLFileOpen($sXML,"",-1) = -1 Then
    ConsoleWrite("canĀ“t open file!" & @CRLF)

; Get count of item nodes in menu
$iItems = _XMLGetNodeCount("/results/metadata/fields/name")

Local $cAttribs
Local $aAttrName[1]
Local $aAttrValue[1]
$ReturnedNodeValue =_XMLGetAllAttrib("/results/metadata/fields/name",$aAttrName,$aAttrValue);

; List the "name" attribute of each item
For $i = 1 To $iItems -1
    $attrib1 = _XMLGetAttrib("/results/metadata/fields/name[" & $i & "]","value")
    $attrib2 = _XMLGetAttrib("/results/metadata/fields/name[" & $i & "]","alias")
    $attrib3 = _XMLGetAttrib("/results/metadata/fields/name[" & $i & "]","type")
    $attrib4 = _XMLGetAttrib("/results/metadata/fields/name[" & $i & "]","size")
    $attrib5 = _XMLGetAttrib("/results/metadata/fields/name[" & $i & "]","scale")
    $Attribs = $attrib1 & "," & $attrib2 & "," & $attrib3 & "," & $attrib4 & "," & $attrib5 ;& ";"
    $cAttribs = $cAttribs & $Attribs        
$splitAttribs1 = StringSplit($cAttribs, ",")

_ArrayDisplay($splitAttribs1, "Title ")


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Thanks ChrisL your code showed me exactly how to address the multiple items that I needed. Your assistance is greatly appreciated. I think I can work through the other issues I am having now.

Thanks jfcby for expanding on the the example and adding the surrounding code. This will allow me to look at the problem from another angle and see how to utilise the XMLDomWrapper calls better.

Much appreciated. Wal.

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