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PURERA script for you guys

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Hi guys i made the following script and though someone may find it useful. if anyone has any others like it i would love to see and learn.

This will run the great utility purera which you can search on google for


Run(@scriptdir & '\PureRa.exe')

WinWaitactive("PureRa 1.5", "Created by RaProducts.org")
If Not WinActive("PureRa 1.5", "Created by RaProducts.org") Then WinActivate("PureRa 1.5", "Created by RaProducts.org")
ControlClick("PureRa 1.5","Next",1003)
ControlClick("PureRa 1.5","",1013)
ControlClick("PureRa 1.5","",1012)
ControlClick("PureRa 1.5","",1001)

While ProcessExists("purera.exe")

    If WinExists("PureRa - Done!", "Total space cleaned:") Then
        WinActivate("PureRa - Done!", "Total space cleaned:")
        WinWaitActive("PureRa - Done!","Total space cleaned:")
        ControlClick("PureRa - Done!","OK",2)

    If WinExists("PureRa 1.5", "Finished!") Then
        WinActivate("PureRa 1.5", "Finished!")
        WinWaitActive("PureRa 1.5", "Finished!")
        ControlClick("PureRa 1.5","",1011)
        ControlClick("PureRa 1.5","",1005)

       Sleep(500) ; let the computer do something

Drunken Frat-Boy Monkey Garbage

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sorry shouldnt be there lol just ignore

Drunken Frat-Boy Monkey Garbage

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