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For loop vs Select case

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So i was wondering which one is faster if i want to do something like this:

Check a bunch of string with StringRegExp, would it be faster to

1) Use for loop and loop till i get the correct string then exitloop


2) using Select Case to filter through to find the correct string

For sure using the for loop will produce a much cleaner code, however i am interested in which one provides better speed

thanks for help

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You can find that by yourself - just time the execution for both and see which is faster.

Faster or slower depends on what code you have inside these loops.

You can see what difference it makes when you comment/uncomment $ttt=1 in the For/Next loop.

$str = ""
For $i = 1 to 100000
    $str &= Chr(Random(97, 121, 1))
$str &= "z"
$CharARR = StringSplit($str, "")

$forTIME = TimerInit()
For $i = 1 to $CharARR[0]
    ;$ttt = 1
    If $CharARR[$i] = "z" Then ExitLoop
ConsoleWrite("For: "&TimerDiff($forTIME)&@CRLF)

$i = 1
$SelectTIME = TimerInit()
    $i += 1
Until $CharARR[$i] = "z"
ConsoleWrite("Do: "&TimerDiff($SelectTIME)&@CRLF)

So - to answer your question: it depends on the code you want to use - test and see.

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