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Get a value from a text field

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Hi, I am extremely new to AutoIT (as you may be able to tell from my script) so I will give as much detail of what I am trying to do as well as the current version of the script.


This script will be opening a database file which contains at least 1 file (called model within the script) using our internal proprietary application. One of the things we can do with our models is to generate several different types of reports. The purpose of this script is to open a window (QC/TD Spreadsheet) that several values can be entered when running this specific report format. Please note that while the title of the window is QC/TD Spreadsheet, this is not an Excel spreadsheet. The purpose of this report, when exported, is to create a .csv file which we can run a custom made macro on.

If this is the first time you have opened the QC/TD Spreadsheet window for the specific model, then all the text fields (input fields?) will default to a blank value. If you have previously opened the QC/TD Spreadsheet window then the fields will retain the last entered value in each field. This may be blank if there had never been a previously entered value (or a value had existed and then been deleted).

Currently the script interacts with the application, and works properly as expected.


I need to be able to evaluate the text fields current value when the QC/TD Spreadsheet opens and if a value exists in a field, then I need to get rid of it. (This could be a replace or delete and then the next line of code adds in the new value which is kind of how I have been doing it already)

The window does not allow CTRL-A to select the current value in the text box with focus.

The text box can contain a variety of character lengths (I am not sure of the current max length but there is not a minimum length for any field).

Double-click does work on the word hovered over, but triple-click does not work.

Tab into a field appears to set the cursor to the first position of the text box, does not select the current value.

On the attached file, the relevant code begins at line 35 and ends at 48, but they are copy/pasted code so once I have the solution at 35-36 then the same rules apply to the rest.

Thank you in advance of any help you might be able to provide to me.


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