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Looking for help with Nomadmemory

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hey all. i was wondering if it would be possible to read the current value of an address and if that value was = to a certain value then such and such would happen and if it was = to a different value then something else would happen. sorry if this is poorly worded not exactly sure how to put it. heres an example of the script im making.

#include <NomadMemory.au3>

$id = WinGetProcess("Game.exe", "")
Global $Paused  
HotKeySet("{PAUSE}", "TogglePause")
HotKeySet("{ESC}", "Terminate")
MsgBox(4096, "Trainer","Start", 30)

                         $AttRangeAddress = 0x0190A62C
                         $AttRangeNewValue = 20
            $AttRangeRealValue = 17
            $AttRange1Address = 0x03DD3318
            $AttRange1NewValue = 20
            $AttRangeReal1Value = 17
            $AttSpeedAddress = 0x03DD331C
            $AttSpeedNewValue = 1
            $AttSpeedRealValue = 12
            $NewAddress = 0x0163E2E4 ; This is the address i would like to find the value of
Func enable()            ;This is the function i would like to run if $NewAddress = 0
$memory = _MemoryOpen($id)
_MemoryWrite($AttRangeAddress, $memory, $AttRangeNewValue, "float")

_MemoryWrite($AttRange1Address, $memory, $AttRange1NewValue, "float")

_MemoryWrite($AttSpeedAddress, $memory, $AttSpeedNewValue)

Func disable()          ;and This is the function i would like to run if $NewAddress is greater than 0
$memory = _MemoryOpen($id)
_MemoryWrite($AttRangeAddress, $memory, $AttRangeRealValue, "float")

_MemoryWrite($AttRange1Address, $memory, $AttRangeReal1Value, "float")

_MemoryWrite($AttSpeedAddress, $memory, $AttSpeedRealValue)

Func TogglePause()
    $Paused = Not $Paused
    While $Paused

Func Terminate()
    Exit 0

thanks for any help :blink:

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