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My program doesnt waiting ie

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$sURL = "url"
$sSearch = "---"
$saniye =InputBox("") * 1000
$kategori =InputBox("")
$oIE = _IECreate ($sURL)
$1 = _IEFormGetObjByName($oIE)
If StringInStr(_IEBodyReadHTML($oIE), $sSearch) Then
    WinSetState("Windows Media Player","",@SW_HIDE)
    _IECreate ($sURL)
    WinWaitActivate("Internet explorer")

i want my program wait for internet explorer loading but my program doesnt wait.I'm very new :)Please help me

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Maybe because WinWaitActivate doesn't exist. You may use WinWait or WinWaitActive. From What i see in your code, i would advice you to read Help more careful. First of all _IECreate may wait till window would be loaded and after you have used _IECreate, you could simply use _IENavigate for going on different webpage.

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