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Dircopy, error copy files

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Ive got a script that copy files to a selected location, everthing works fine

But when im want to copy (for example) a mail-file, it fails because its in use.

How can i see witch file dont copy, in a log of msgbox :blink:

@error commands works only on a folder, not specific...

Thanks ;)

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This should work for you:

$sSourcePath = "C:\" ;Must have trailing backslash
$sDestPath = "C:\dest\"

$hSearch = FileFindFirstFile ($sSourcePath & "*.*") ;Get search Handle

While 1
    $sFile = FileFindNextFile ($hSearch) ;Get file name
    If @error Then ExitLoop
    If Not FileExists ($sDestPath & $sFile) Then 
        MsgBox (16, "Error", "The file " & $sFile & " was not copied.") ;Test if file is there

FileClose ($hSearch)

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Thanks man just what i needed, works perfect!

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