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Error in the expression

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Hi I am new to AutoIt:

The things i need to do:

1.Login to the app

2.Redirect page to a particular page

3.select a value in combobox on page 2

4.it refreshes the page after selecting

i was able to code till step 2 and then i checked the code on net and its now giving me error

$od=_IEFormElementGetObjByName( ByRef $oIE,$m_CorporateValueDrop[,$i_index=0])

_IEFormElementOptionselect ( ByRef $oIE, $od [, $f_select = 1 [, $s_mode = "byText" [, $f_fireEvent = 1]]] )


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just leave out the word "ByRef". It is only needed in the function it self, not in the code which calls the function.

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The example in the helpfile uses ByRef, square brackets and $variable = "Value" syntax to indicate different types of paramenters that can be passed to a function.

The below script demonstrates how such a function would look in the helpfile and how to call it properly.

Local $var = 1
_example($var, 2) ;this is how you can call the function below. note the following:

;you don't write byref for the first argument
;byref arguments can be altered when the function returns. In this example $var will change to 3
;you don't include the square brackets for optional arguments
;you don't have to specify the optional argument, if the value you want is the default
;if you want to specify an optional argument you have to specify all preceeding optional arguments.

ConsoleWrite($var & @CRLF) ;see how the byref variable has changed into 3

;this is the function that is called on line 2
;the helpfile example would be: _Example(ByRef $variable[, $optional = 1[, $optional2 = 1]])
Func _example(ByRef $variable, $optional1 = 0, $optional2 = 0)
    ;$variable now points to $var on line 2, which has the value of 1
    ;$optional1 was assigned the value of 2 when calling the script on line 2
    ;$optional2 was not specified on line 2, so it keeps it's default value of 0
    $variable = $variable + $optional1 + $optional2 ;adds all passed variables together.

For your script it looks like you want to use: "_IEFormElementOptionselect ($oIE, $od)

This will use the default values for all optional variables that where not specified.

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