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Suggestion/Help for my script

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Hello AutoIt programers!

I'm new in this programing language and i don't have good programing skills.

I have search/study the forum and i have made i script.

I need some help and sugestion for my script.

Whow script work: it's write in a log file the log-in time (when windows start) and log-off time (when windows shutdown)

I have create a funtion to backup log file from last month every new month (until 4th of month). The function work separated but in

when i put togheter don't work properly. When backup function it's call the file it's backup after the current log-in time is write

(the log-in time of day when back-up it's made apear in back-up file no in new file).

And another issue :blink: i don't know how to implemant this function Log-off : http://www.autoitscript.com/forum/index....wtopic=19370&st=40&p=186785&#entry186785

I hope somebody can help me


In attachament i put my script


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Global Const $ENDSESSION_CLOSEAPP = 0x00000001
Global Const $ENDSESSION_CRITICAL = 0x40000000
Global Const $ENDSESSION_LOGOFF = 0x80000000

Global Const $WM_QUERYENDSESSION = 0x0011

GUICreate("You need a GUI to register messages...")

GUIRegisterMsg($WM_QUERYENDSESSION, "InterceptShutdown")

While GUIGetMsg() <> -3

Func InterceptShutdown($hWnd, $msg, $w, $l)
        MsgBox(0, "", "Logging Off")
        MsgBox(0, "", "Shutting down")
EndFunc  ;==>InterceptShutdown

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