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ContinueLoop Levels

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I have a need to ContinueLoop two levels back.

As this line would process rarely, it could take a long time to test for the correct syntax.

The Help File shows ContinueLoop [level] but,

as I'm used to showing options in a parens statement, I'm not sure if this should be

"ContinueLoop, 2" or just "ContinueLoop 2" (without quotes)

Thx 4 your help in advance...

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I used the level parameter before, but I can't remember the exact syntax now. I'm pretty sure it's with the comma. Try it with and without..


I found the code where I used this, and although this was with an ExitLoop statement, the syntax is probably similar to ContinueLoop.

ExitLoop (2)
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- Bruce /*somdcomputerguy */  If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

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Umm, that's what the help file is for. Look it up.

ContinueLoop [level]

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Issue solved:

Thx 4 the shot somdcomputerguy but,

after setting up a sample multi-nested loop,

"ContinueLoop 2" works and "ContinueLoop, 2" gives an expression error...

As to omikron48...

I stated in my first post that I saw the reference in the Help File before posting but,

the brackets around level didn't confirm for me which way to display it and you neither

confirmed that somdcomputer guy was correct or not and just stated what I had already said..

P.S. I did search the forum and found many examples of "ContinueLoop" but alas, none with the levels options

Can't live without the forums...

Thx again :blink:

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