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How to controlclick with no controls

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I have an application that shows absolutly no controls, i only have a window title. So i tried this:

$hWin = WinGetHandle($title)
$hButton=ControlGetHandle($hWin, "", "")
ControlClick($hWin, "", $hButton, "left", 1, 830, 453)

Controlsend works just fine with this, but controlclick is messy. It does click, but it doesnt click where i want it too. As the autoit windowinfo offers no control coords, i put the application in full screen and used my normal mouse coords in the code. I thought it would work out as the controlclick coords are the same as my windows pixel resolution coords. I dont know why it doesnt work. Does anyone know how i could do this and how should i get the coords?

Help greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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You can debug it by using a hotkey when your mouse is in position. Hotkey CTRL+1 or something like that. The hotkeys starts a function where you read out the position of your mouse and then perform a click.

Just for testing the click on the right coords.

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