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If it in the to do list or has it allready been done? A wizzard to drag and drop different elements (buttons, images, lables, progress bars) a la Visual Basic or any visual language. This could automatically create the gui and you would just need to code actual code instead of co-ordinates for buttons etc...

If this is already in progress let me know


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CyberSlug created an 'AutoIt Builder'. I forget the name of it lol. Let me go find it.

Edit: Here it is...

Edit 2: Oh really lol? I don't use Scite that often, only for replacing words etc and for tidying.

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Btw, it is now called GUIBuilder

[font="Times"] If anyone remembers me, I am back. Maybe to stay, maybe not.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[/font][font="Times"]Things I am proud of: Pong! in AutoIt | SearchbarMy website: F.R.I.E.S.A little website that is trying to get started: http://thepiratelounge.net/ (not mine)[/font][font="Times"] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[/font][font="Arial"]The newbies need to stop stealing avatars!!! It is confusing!![/font]

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