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Help Optimizing Code to Read a File more Quickly

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Below is a segment of code that I am trying to use to perform a set of actions on a large number of files. Some of the commands are from an include file I have made but should be self explanatory.

Basically, the segment makes a directory list of all files names in a specific location which is piped to files.txt. The script then reads in each line of files.txt into an array called $the_pdf_files[100000].

With around 7,000 files, it takes about 5-10 minutes to read into the array. If possible, I would like it to take about 5-10 minutes to read in 50,000 or so file names.

Any suggestions or pointers in the right direction?

;First do a dir /b >filelist.txt

run_command("dir " & $pdf_location & "*.pdf /b >" & $pdf_location & "files.txt")

msgbox(1, "Click ok", "Click ok when the command is finished.")

$the_file = FileOpen($pdf_location & "files.txt",0)

if($the_file = -1) Then

exit_program("Could not open files.txt, which contains the list of .pdf files on d:\, generated by this script.")


dim $count = 0


$the_pdf_files[$count] = filereadline($the_file, $count + 1)

$count = $count + 1

until @error

$count = $count - 2

;meaning read lines until eof


filedelete($pdf_location & "files.txt")

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Have you looked at the User Defined Function _FileReadToArray in the help file?


I just tried it out and it works great (took about 2 seconds to read the file).

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction, I am still learning about the basics of Autoit while still trying to write useful scripts.

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