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HotKeySet and Send

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I've noticed that Send can trigger an HotKeySet,

for example if I have

HotKeySet("w", "write")

Func write()
   ; this method some times writes w and some times performs something different
   ; according to some flag or w/e
   If (flag)
      ; do something

What I want to do, is have some different Send method, which never triggers the hotkeyset,

this can be done with ControlSend _IF_ I know the control I want to send it to...

in my case, I don't.

I simply want to send the key to the currently focused control exactly the way it would have

if it was the Send method.

What I was thinking is maybe ControlSend with some parameteres can have like a @currentlyFocused autoit keyword which automatically gives me the ID or name that is needed for ControlSend to send to the currently focused control, however I am not that familiar with the autoit keywords so if anyone could point out the correct format for this or a smarter way to implement what I need I would really appreciate it...



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Hi and Welcome to the forums!

Just unset the HotKeySet() before you Send() and then set it back.

HotKeySet("a", "_test")

While 1

Func _test()
    HotKeySet("a", "_test")
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Awesome, thanks ;)

I read that part in the help file but I guess I thought I could only unset the hotkey outside a function.

Thanks again :)

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