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I found this on the microsoft website but it is vbs.

Is this possible to translate it in autoit?

This is a example...

strAgentName = "Merlin"
strAgentPath = "c:\windows\msagent\chars\" & strAgentName & ".acs"
Set objAgent = CreateObject("Agent.Control.2")

objAgent.Connected = TRUE
objAgent.Characters.Load strAgentName, strAgentPath
Set objCharacter = objAgent.Characters.Character(strAgentName)


objCharacter.Play "Announce"
objCharacter.Speak "Verdomme,ik moet gaan werken!!!"
objCharacter.Play "Process"
objCharacter.Speak "Zo mijn bammekes zijn klaar."
objCharacter.Play "LookDown"
objCharacter.Think "Ik zal eens naar de stieven vliegen..."
objCharacter.MoveTo 500,500,4000
objCharacter.Play "Think"
objCharacter.Speak "Euh,de stieven is nog niet wakker precies."
objCharacter.Play "GetAttention"
objCharacter.Play "GetAttentionContinued"
objCharacter.Speak "STIEVEN, WAKKER WORDEN!!!"
objCharacter.Play "Confused"
objCharacter.Speak "Godverdomme,het is nog maar 2u!!!"
objCharacter.Play "Alert"
objCharacter.Play "Sad"
objCharacter.Speak "Dan maar terug in mijn bedje kruipen."
objCharacter.Play "Idle3_1"
objCharacter.Play "Idle1_1"
objCharacter.MoveTo 0,0,4000
objCharacter.Speak "Slaapwel"
objCharacter.Think "Lekker over MIEKE dromen se"

Do While objCharacter.Visible = TRUE
    Wscript.Sleep 100

and this is the site:


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