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An attempt to encypt a file using _StringEncrypt but with a twist

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Hi all,

For a while I've been looking for a function to encrypt and decrypt files, I looked at MD5 and various other UDF's, but really they where to complex for me. So I settled on writting a file with a unique file extension and writting everything to it after it's been through _StringEncrypt using the same password each time (Set by a varible). I.E

#include <String.au3>

$EncyptionPassword = "password"
$EncyptedText = _StringEncrypt(1, "This text is encypted", $EncyptionPassword) & "|" & _StringEncrypt(1, "And I want to split it", $EncyptionPassword)
Filewrite("UniqueExtension.ue", $EncyptedText & @LF)

Which works fine, but the problem lays when I try to read it...

I need to decypt the text, read it, then split it - this is what I've got so far...

$fopen = FileOpen("UniqueExtension.ue")
While 1
$LINE = FileReadLine($fopen)
$dctext = _StringEncypt(0, $LINE, $EncyptionPassword);which should return "This text is encypted|And I want to split it"
Dim $Split = StringSpilt($dctext, "|", 2)
MsgBox(0, "$Split results", $Split[0] &  "  -  " & $Split[1]) ;which should return "This text is encypted  -  And I want to split it"

...But the message box does return what it should do, instead "This text is encypted - " Then the other part is still encypted!

Any Idea's?

PS I Will still work on it!

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DAMM IT...sorry guys.

As I was writting the script on the post I thought of a solution and it worked!

I Just chanaged $EncyptedText to _StringEncrypt(1, "This text is encypted|And I want to split it", $EncyptionPassword) then I changed StringSplit to method 2, now it works!

Sorry for wasting anyones time and a topic

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