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Managing Data

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I guess this is more of a general coding question. I hope you will still help. I have replaced my imaging batch files with a simple AutoIT exe. This has worked great, but I haven't really caught on as to how to manage data effectively.

One place that is really messy is that I have constants for hardware strings that I search for, image paths, hardware names, etc. These are all directly related to each other, but I don't know how to relate them using the language. I currently tie them together by using case statements in functions. I am thinking that there is a better way (maybe using arrays). Here is an example of what I currently do:

Global Const $PLATFORM_1 = "OptiPlex GX620"
Global Const $PLATFORM_2 = "Profile 6"
Global Const $PLATFORM_3 = "OptiPlex GX60"
Global Const $PLATFORM_4 = "OptiPlex 745"

Global Const $DELL_620 = "\MFR_BASE_Hardware_Images\Dell_Optiplex_620\CleanXP.GHO"
Global Const $GATEWAY_PROFILE_6 = "\MFR_BASE_Hardware_Images\Gateway_Profile6\Profile6.GHO"
Global Const $DELL_745 = "\MFR_BASE_Hardware_Images\Dell_Optiplex_745_SFF\745SFFBase.GHO"
Global Const $DELL_GX280 = "\MFR_BASE_Hardware_Images\Dell_Optiplex_GX280\BASEXP.GHO"

Func setMFRImagePath($pSelectedHardware)
    Local $Image
        Case $pSelectedHardware = $PLATFORM_1
            $Image = $ELSDOLLAR & $DELL_620
        Case $pSelectedHardware = $PLATFORM_2
            $Image = $ELSDOLLAR & $GATEWAY_PROFILE_6
        Case $pSelectedHardware = $PLATFORM_4
            $Image = $ELSDOLLAR & $DELL_745
        Case $pSelectedHardware = $PLATFORM_5
            $Image = $ELSDOLLAR & $DELL_GX280
        Case Else
            MsgBox(0, "Error", "No Images Available")
        Return $Image

Thanks in advance for any help.

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