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inline if?

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is there anything i can use in autoit like the c/c++ inline if?


What i want to do is something like

Execute('Msgbox(0 , "" , Random(0,1,1)?"Yes":"No")')

P.S.: i need the execute and no i can't use "If"


i found a way... not exactly what is was looking for but will do the work

Execute('Msgbox(0 , "" , lif(Random(0,1,1) , "aa" , "bb"))')

Func lif($cond , $ret , $ret2 = "")
    If $cond Then Return $ret
    Return $ret2
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Have a look at _Iif($fTest, $vTrueVal, $vFalseVal) in the help file. This is more or less the function you wrote yourself.

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