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Outlook MAPI --> Create new E-Mail item with "SenderAdress" or smth

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Hey there,

I have a little issue with my script, and I dont know how to go on.

Is there a possibility to create a new E-Mail Item in the Inbox of Outlook (2010) which looks like an realistic E-Mail and when you click on "Answer" Outlook will answer to this address?

I want to copy automaticly some E-mails from PC 1 to PC 2.

Here is what i got so far:

$oOutlook = ObjCreate("Outlook.Application")
$oOl = $oOutlook.CreateItem($olMailItem)
$oFolder = $oOutlook.GetNamespace("MAPI").GetDefaultFolder ($olFolderInbox)
With $oOl
    .To =("blabla@autobahn.de")
    .SentOnBehalfOfName = ("blublu@tbonesteak.com")

Thanks ;)



www.AutoIt.de - Moderator of the German AutoIt Forum


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