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Image click?

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I want to click on an actual image, no link, text etc. just an image. I tried messing around with the ckecksum function but had no luck. Help please? Thanks!

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Hmm, well you should take a look at my script GTCard here. What you want to examine is how to load a jpg imagine using;

;Assumes image.jpg is 200 x 200 pixels.
$my_click_image = GUICtrlCreatePic("image.jpg", 0, 0, 200, 200)

Then in your GUI loop you need to use either case or if statement;

$msg = GUIGetMsg()
While $msg <> $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE
    $msg = GUIGetMsg()
        Case $msg = $my_click_image
            ;Do something neat
        Case $msg = $another_image
            ;Do something else
    ;This is the if version you won't need both examples 
    If $msg = $my_click_image Then
        ;Do something neat

The "cards" in my program are just clickable jpegs. You will need to download the images and other files to make the script work.

Hope that helps.

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You can try

Opt ( "GuiOnEventMode", 1 ) 

    $_GUI = GUICreate ( '', 400, 300 ) 
    $_Pic = GUICtrlCreatePic ( @ProgramFilesDir & "\AutoIt3\Examples\GUI\merlin.gif", 0, 0, 136, 142 )
    GUICtrlSetTip ( $_Pic, "Open Youtube.com !" ) 
    GUICtrlSetOnEvent ( $_Pic, '_ClickOnPic' )  
    GUISetState ( @SW_SHOW )

While 1
    Sleep ( 20 )

Func _ClickOnPic ( )
   ShellExecute ( "http://www.youtube.com/" )
EndFunc ;==> _ClickOnPic ( )

AutoIt X86 - SciTE 3.6.0WIN 8.1 X64 - Other Example Scripts

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