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conditional statement

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Hello guyz! I'm a newbie, i used this script to automatically login to a site, it will open the firefox and execute the script the problem is i want to return an error like when the user accidentally close the firefox or when there is no connection or the firefox is not installed. any suggestions, comments is very much appreciated...thanks! ;)

    GUISetState (@SW_DISABLE)
    $uname = GUICtrlRead ($USERNAME)
    $upass = GUICtrlRead ($PASSWORD)
    $site = GUICtrlRead ($Combo1)
    MsgBox(0, "VSAL v1.0", "Please wait until the webpage is fully loaded")

    If _FFConnect() Then
       _FF_AutoLogin($uname , $upass, $site)
       MsgBox(0, "VSAL v1.0", "Webpage loaded successfully") 
       GUISetState (@SW_ENABLE)

           Else if there is no connection or the firefox is accidentally closed or not installed Then
       MsgBox(0, "ERROR", "Webpage did not load successfully, please try again")
       GUISetState (@SW_ENABLE)

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