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New to scripting :/

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Hi there! Fairly new to the whole Autoit scene so go easy on me!

I have a need to open a specific file, its the win.ini file.

But also I need to be able to amend the last line in the ini file, is this possible?

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Here's an example

;This segment reads your Win.ini file
$Before = FileRead(@WindowsDir & '\win.ini')
If @error = 1 Then Exit MsgBox(0, 'ERROR', 'Cannot Read ' & @WindowsDir & '\win.ini')
MsgBox(0, 'Win.ini Contents Before Append', $Before)

;This segment writes an additional line to your Win.ini file
$Write = FileWrite(@WindowsDir & '\win.ini', 'Your New Line of Text' & @CRLF)
If $Write = 0 Then Exit MsgBox(0, 'ERROR', 'Cannot Write To ' & @WindowsDir & '\win.ini')
$After = FileRead(@WindowsDir & '\win.ini')
MsgBox(0, 'Win.ini Contents After Append', $After)

;This segment reverts the changes that were made...delete/comment these lines when you are ready
$File = FileOpen(@WindowsDir & '\win.ini', 2)
If @error = -1 Then Exit MsgBox(0, 'ERROR', 'Cannot open ' & @WindowsDir & '\win.ini')
FileWrite($File, $Before)

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In addition to what Varian said, you should read the help file about each function used in Examples.

Because you are new to AutoIt, i strongly recommend read it.

You can access it by pressing F1 in SciTE Editor.

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