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passing dynamic commandline switches to compiled script?

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I have a script that has a few different func() in it. the func() have $vars that are used but the vars will be set at runtime when the compiled script is run.

an example is

C:\mycompiledscript.exe /staticswich:dynamicvalue /staticswich:dynamicvalue

the dynamicvalue word would be replaced with what every I want the vars to be set as so they can be used inside the script. If that makes sense.

my code sample Im using to try yo debug it is below.

If $CMDLINE[0] And $CMDLINE[1] = '/filename:' And $CMDLINE[2] = '/emailaddress:' Then
    ; msg command line switches passed for debugging
    MsgBox(48,"",$CMDLINE[1]&" "&" "&$CMDLINE[2])
    ; call what ever function


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Does this help ? http://www.autoitscript.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=59773&view=findpost&p=452254

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