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folder full of jpgs: display jpg, search a text file for its filename

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I have a folder full of jpgs. I want to write some autoit code that will display a jpg and give me an input box. Once I type in the input box to identify the jpg, the script will open a text file and search for the filename of the jpg, and append to the end of the line the text that I entered.

so theres a txt file with a list of jpg file names




my code will display aaa.jpg, I will type "cats", and it will append "cats" to the text file after the correct filename

aaa.jpg cats



and then continue on to the next jpg and repeat

my problem is I'm not sure how to get it started. How do I get my code to grab the filename of a jpg, store it to a variable? the filenames all have unique strings of numbers (datecodes). once I have the filename stored in a variable I'm pretty sure I can handle having the script search and append the text file, and displaying of the jpg

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