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VB to Au3 question

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I'm not the best at VB6 so I have a hard time interpreting and converting to autoit3. So I just need a simple question answered, if this conversion is correct or not and if not what would be the correct conversion.


Public Declare Sub double_hash_password Lib "libbnet.dll" (ByVal sPassword As String, ByVal lClientToken As Long, ByVal lServerToken As Long, ByVal sBufferOut As String)

Dim HashCode As String * 20: double_hash_password Password, ClientToken, ServerToken, HashCode


Local $HashCode = DllCall("libbnet.dll", "str", "double_hash_password", "Password", "ClientToken", "ServerToken", "HashCode")

Hope someone can help! ;)

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I'm not very experienced on using DllCall(), but does this work?

Local $hashCode = DllCall("libbnet.dll", "str", "double_hash_password", "str", "sPassword", "long", "lClientToken", "long", "lServerToken", "str", "sBufferOut");

You need to replace sPassword, lClientToken, lServerToken and sBufferOut with the proper values of course.

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