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Good (unique) String Separator for Array building from string?

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I don't like building arrays in basic languages becuase it entails manually casting the size of the array and I always end up manually changing it often so what I've found myself doing is fudging two dimensional arrays by using different string separators. so my strings will look something like:

$futureArray = "test1--=--test2--=--test3--=--test4" & @CRLF

$futureArray &= "test5--=--test6--=--test7--=--test8" & @CRLF

and then i'll use stringsplit twice to parse out the associated values; first by CRLF and then by "--=--". My question is this, has anyone come across some good unique separators i *should* be using instead for one reason or another?

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There are no separators you *should* use, common are pipes "|" and linebreaks "(CR)LF"

You can user Chr(2) to separate the fields and Chr(3) to separate the lines for example, too.

Or use a proper CSV encoding.

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