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Help with application automation

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I have been working with AutoIt for a bit now (though I am the definition of "Beginner") and I have an issue with a script I am making. I have attempted to make a script that will run an aplication automatically. The application in question is a registry cleaner from Auslogics.

Here is the script as such:

opt("SendKeyDelay", 300)
WinWaitActive("Auslogics Registry Cleaner")
    ControlSend("Auslogics Registry Cleaner", "Scan Now", "TAxCheckboxTreeView201", "{DOWN 14}{SPACE}")
        ControlSend("Auslogics Registry Cleaner","Scan Now","TAxDropDownButton201","{DOWN 3}{ENTER}")
    WinWait("Auslogics Registry Cleaner","< Back")
        ControlSend("Auslogics Registry Cleaner","< Back","TButton1","&{SPACE}")
    WinWait("Auslogics Registry Cleaner","Repair",200)
        $Repair = ControlSend("Auslogics Registry Cleaner","Repair","TButton1","&{SPACE}")
            If $Repair == 1 Then
                Opt("SendKeyDelay", 10000)
                    Opt("SendKeyDelay", 5) 

The script was working fine until I got to the section where I create the $Repair variable. What I'm attempting is to make the script pause for 10 seconds if it successfully sends a keypress to the repair Control, to give the program enough time to complete. However if it does not exist it will exit immediately. As it stands it will exit immediatly even if it does find a button labeled "Repair".

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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