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Question about variable datatype

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I have a question about the variable datatype.

I know that AutoIT has only one datatype called "Variant".

So, wich is the correct expression I have to use in the following situation

1) If $var == 100 Then ...


2) If $var == "100" Then ...


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depends if you mix number with string or not ;)

i learned hardway

related thread

If your $var is numeric tupe then its best not to compare it to "100"

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Tanks bogQ.

I red your post and I undestood that if I use a mathematical operator all the value are converted in numbers by AutoIT engine.

The == operator, using numbers, has the same effect as the = operators.

Regarding the $var in my example, it can be a number if I make a direct assign (e.g. $var = 100) but it can be a string if I read this value in a text file (e.g. $var = FileReadLine... ) and so on.

So my conclusion is:

Regardless the way you assign the variable value, the datatype is converted automatically by the AutoIT engine depending the considered expression.

Are my conclusion correct?

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