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Script crashes - cause unknown

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I'm relatively new to AutoIT and I've encountered an issue that is very strange and I cannot find the cause.

Basically, there's an If block that doesn't appear to be executing the "else" statement. The bizarre thing is has gotten worse overnight, since I've shutdown my PC and restarted! Perhaps this is not an issue with the code, but with the AutoIT installation?

If you notice below, I've put in two message boxes to debug. At least yesterday, I was getting the message box located at the end of the If statement, but today I'm not, despite doing nothing to the code.

I've also tried

ElseIf $RunStart = false then
to see if that would work, but unfortunately not.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance! ;)

func purgeEmail()
    if $RunStart = true then
        Run("C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\OUTLOOK.EXE")
        WinWait("Choose Profile", "", 5)
        If WinActive("Choose Profile") Then
            WinWaitActive("[CLASS:MsoCommandBar]", "", 5)
            WinActivate("BPOSAutoTest - Microsoft Outlook")
            Send("{UP 100}")
            $RunStart = false
            MsgBox(0, "Here", $RunStart, 5)
        MsgBox(0, "Here", "At Else", 5)

The code is below:

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Start debugging/monitoring that $RunStart variable. If its always 'true' it would explain why your code is never running the 'else' part.

The code is below:

your sure about that?

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Start debugging/monitoring that $RunStart variable. If its always 'true' it would explain why your code is never running the 'else' part.

your sure about that?

Sorry, the $RunStart boolean was included in that code snippet - very bad form of me! Apologies for that.

Anyway, got the issue resolved - a colleague noticed that my If statement was incorrect - I should have put the other function calls and other code I wanted to execute outside the If statement, instead of in the "Else" statement - a rookie mistake, but then again, I am a rookie to programming in general, not just AutoIT.

Thanks anyway! ;)

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When you have a few more posts (I seem to remember 5 total), you will be able to edit your posts (a small button comes up at lower right). To change the title of a topic, edit the first post - but be sure to select the "Use Full Editor" button which will open the title for editing also. ;)


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