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MP3 Tagging

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I am trying to create a script that auto moves an album based on the ID3 Tags. I tried using the ID3 UDF but it inconsistent. What is the best Tagging program that can be automated in the background. I like command line the best. So one has to have done this. Please help. Thanks.

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Try this: http://www.autoitscript.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=25859


A minesweeper game created in autoit, source available.


An UDF for registering functions to mouse events, made in pure autoit.

2D Hitbox Editor

A 2D hitbox editor for quick creation of 2D sphere and rectangle hitboxes.

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This worked great for reading the tag information, but I want to be able to edit the ID3 tags. I tried using the ID3.au3 but I couldn't get it to write the ID3 tags. I even copied some code out of the ID3_Example_GUI.au3 that I found in the forums. Can someone please tell me how they have successfully been able to read and write ID3 tags. Someone has to have been able to successfully and reliably read and write ID3 tags.

Here is what I have tried, but doesn't seem to work...

;MP3 Tagging
#include "ID3.au3"
#include "ExtProp.au3"

Local $Source = @ScriptDir & '\Test_Files'

Local $BaseMusicArr[1][2], $BaseArrSize=0
Local $MusicInfoArr[1][8]
Local $TagMod=False

;Retrieve TAG Information From MP3 Files
For $iCount=0 to UBound($BaseMusicArr)-1
;~  _ArrayDisplay(_GetExtProperty($BaseMusicArr[$iCount][1],-1),'extended properties')
    $ExtPropArr = _GetExtProperty($BaseMusicArr[$iCount][1],-1)
    $MP3Tags = _ID3ReadTag($BaseMusicArr[$iCount][1])
    ;Resize and Populate Music Track Information Array
    ReDim $MusicInfoArr[$iCount+1][8]
    $MusicInfoArr[$iCount][0] = _ID3GetTagField("TPE1") ;Artist
    $MusicInfoArr[$iCount][1] = _ID3GetTagField("TALB") ;Album
    $MusicInfoArr[$iCount][2] = _ID3GetTagField("TYER") ;Year
    $MusicInfoArr[$iCount][3] = _ID3GetTagField("COMM") ;Comment
    $MusicInfoArr[$iCount][4] = _ID3GetTagField("TIT2") ;Track Title
    $MusicInfoArr[$iCount][5] = _ID3GetTagField("TCON") ;Genre
    $MusicInfoArr[$iCount][6] = $BaseMusicArr[$iCount][1] ;Full File Path
    If $MusicInfoArr[$iCount][0]<>'' And $MusicInfoArr[$iCount][0]<>$ExtPropArr[16] Then
    If $MusicInfoArr[$iCount][1]<>'' And $MusicInfoArr[$iCount][1]<>$ExtPropArr[17] Then
    ;Track Title
    If $MusicInfoArr[$iCount][4]<>'' And $MusicInfoArr[$iCount][4]<>$ExtPropArr[10] Then
    If $TagMod=True Then

Func __FolderScan_Mp3($SourceDir,ByRef $BaseMusicArr, ByRef $BaseArrSize)
    Local $Search,$File,$FileAttributes,$SourceFolder,$FullFilePath
    $SourceFolder = $SourceDir ;********************************************************* Search Folder
    $Search = FileFindFirstFile($SourceFolder & "\*.*")  ;  ***************** Search Filter
    $FullFilePath = $SourceFolder & "\" & $File
    While 1
        If $Search = -1 Then
        $File = FileFindNextFile($Search)
        If @error Then ExitLoop
        $FullFilePath = $SourceFolder & "\" & $File
        $FileAttributes = FileGetAttrib($FullFilePath)
        If StringInStr($FileAttributes,"D") Then
            If StringRight($File,4)=".mp3" Then
                ;Set Time Stamp To Current Time
                ;Resize and Add File to Array
                ReDim $BaseMusicArr[$BaseArrSize+1][2]
                $BaseMusicArr[$BaseArrSize][0] = $File
                $BaseMusicArr[$BaseArrSize][1] = $FullFilePath

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