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Get file name

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Hi guys!!

I got a problem with working file identifying. Actually it is excel file and the purpose is to determine whole file name with path and extension, that is currently processing by excel.

Can you pleae write a small example to show me the right way of thinking?

Friendly yours, elect.

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Try this:

$oExcel = ObjGet('', 'Excel.Application')

; all WorkBooks
$colWorkBooks = $oExcel.Workbooks
For $WorkBook In $colWorkBooks
    ConsoleWrite($WorkBook.Path & '\' & $WorkBook.Name & @CRLF)

; active WorkBook:
ConsoleWrite($oExcel.ActiveWorkbook.Path & '\' & $oExcel.ActiveWorkbook.Name & @CRLF)
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Best Regards BugFix  

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