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failures in assignment $o2 = $o1 and if "string" = $obj.name

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The newbie questions just keep coming. I'm getting odd behaviour out of two code fragments that look reasonable but perhaps not?

Does the equals (assignment) operator copy complete _IE objects? Or do I need to invoke some kind of copyObj() function? I'm getting what looks like assignment failure from:

$oFormElement.name = "systemRight"

$oCopyOfElem = $oFormElement

==> $oCopyOfElem.name is null.

And does IF "someString" = $myString work? I'm getting behaviour that suggest the comparison is only occuring on the first character. Or perhaps even the string pointer.


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Does the equals (assignment) operator copy complete _IE objects?

If I'm correct, Nope. It will copy the reverence(pointer) of/to the object.

does IF "someString" = $myString work?

Considering its been there for a long long time ... So I think so.

Language Reference - Datatypes

Language Reference - Operators

And just in case Language Reference - Conditional Statements

Remember: AutoIt -> Variant -> Auto Conversions active when doing something that involves two different data types. (strings, numbers, bools)(not sure about binary type at this moment, but I think the point is clear.)

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