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Diana (Cda)

File rename: take containing folder name in title?

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I'd like to modify an old script of mine to give a more meaningful name to the resulting file.

When invoked, the script always creates a file called "0- Playlist.m3u".

Is there a way to get that filename to be more meaningful, so that it comes out as "0- Containing Folder name.m3u" where the "containing folder name" part gets changed to the actual name of the folder the M3U is in?

i.e., if the "0- Playlist.m3u" file is located in folder "My Favourite Music", say ... how can we get output file to be automatically named "0- My Favourite Music.m3u"?

I only have the first part of the script:

FileMove($FileCreated, @ScriptDir & "\

Thanks. :graduated:

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Hi Diana,

Try something like this:

$FileCreated = "C:\a\b\container\0- Playlist.m3u"

Local $dummy = StringSplit($FileCreated, "\")
; $dummy[0] has the number of elements
; $dummy[$dummy[0]] contains last element = filename without path
; $dummy[$dummy[0]-1] has the 1-before-last element, i.e. 'container'
Local $newname = StringReplace($FileCreated, $dummy[$dummy[0]], "0- " & $dummy[$dummy[0] - 1] & ".m3u")
FileMove($FileCreated, $newname)

hope that helps,


Edit: This assumes you have the full path to your playlist in $CreatedFile, and that you want your

renamed playlist to replace your original one.

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What about this?

$path = @ScriptDir
$aFilename = StringRegExp($path, ".*\\(.*)$", 3)
$newFilename = "0- " &  $aFilename[0] & ".m3u"
ConsoleWrite('@@ Debug(' & @ScriptLineNumber & ') : $newFilename = ' & $newFilename & @crlf & '>Error code: ' & @error & @crlf) ;### Debug Console



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