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GraphGDIPlus Graph clear

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cant post my complete code.

cause it will not work without my bluetooth PCB/board.

but heres the part where i create the graph

Func _creategraph()

$Graph = _GraphGDIPlus_Create($Form1_1,32,384,449,209,0xFF000000,0xCCCCCCC)

_GraphGDIPlus_Set_RangeX($Graph,0,100); ,10,1,1)
_GraphGDIPlus_Set_RangeY($Graph,0,16); ,10,1,1)




Func _gradeline()

    ;----- Set line color and size -----
    _GraphGDIPlus_Set_PenColor($Graph,0x96000000) ;black

    ;----- draw lines -----



so if i get a new measurement result from my PCB, i tryed to delete the graph and recreate it with the func _creategraph()

but then the graph is displayed not correctly (glitchy).

and if i want to clear it with _GraphGDIPlus_Clear($Graph) just nothing happens.

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