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I'm Stumped

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I've been making a nscript for a while and I finally come to test it. Now it says that there is a WEnd statement with no matching While statement. When I take the WEnd out it says there is a While statement with not matching WEnd statement. When it's all put to gether correctly, there is clearly both a while and wend statement. What is wrong?

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don't know, no script to look at.

Edit: also, if you are not using the SciTe editor, might want to look at using it, helps alot with problems such as your describing.

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SciTE for AutoItDirections for Submitting Standard UDFs


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if using scite, I have had a couple of instance where massive cut/paste edits could get tidy/scite confused....copying entire script into a new window resolves issue quickly. If not using scite, get off your butt and get it :(

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The problem you describe is often caused because of If...EndIf Statements missing and EndIf. Go through your code and check all Do...Until, For...Next and If...EndIf statments as well as While...Wend to check if they all have there corresponding Until/Next/EndIf/Wend.


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