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[SOLVED] Is this error in array.au3 ?

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If FileExists("q") Then
Dim $f
Func save()

MsgBox(43296, "1", "0")

I want to not execute script if file does not exist, but it says that I do not end if. I checked script for not ended ifs,but it seems to be ok.


Array.au3(70,1) : ERROR: missing EndIf.
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array.au3 has nothing to do with the problem.

You can't declare functions inside statements, loops, or other functions. If you want to exit the script without executing some code, put the function call (not the declaration) in an If statement, or use Exit.

Also it's a bad idea to put your include lines anywhere but at the top of your script.

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I put them where they are needed. I think it has a better sence.

I will edit script to see the new result and update this topic.

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