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Disable Standard "Fatal Error" MsgBox

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Let's start by saying what I want to do does not involve code, so there is no code to post. I'm not trying to fix my script.

What I AM trying to do is disable the standard Message Box that AutoIt generates when it tries to parse a invalid line of code, or at least make the script/executable crash/fail silently, or perhaps customize the Message Box to my own verbiage. Is there an AutoIt option for this, or perhaps a up-to-date UDF?

Example - I do the following,

1- Run a bad line of code

2- Autoit generates the following "MsgBox" - "Title: Autoit, Body: Line script errored on/Error message"

3- Script/Executable crashes fatally

What I want to do is NOT have step 2 happen by disabling the auto pop up that AutoIt generates.

What I do NOT want to do is

- Modify any type of code, as this does not involve code. It's an AutoIt feature I want to disable. Perhaps it IS an AutoIt "Opt" - this would be the only exception.

I searched the help file without luck, and also tried a google search with no success. Maybe someone who likes every bit of their code to appear custom shares my frustration and found a way around the annoying default MsgBox and would like to share?

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Use jennico's

Works perfectly. Thank you.

or you could just debug your script properly so it doesn't crash.

#include "Excel.au3"

HotKeySet("{INSERT}", "Write")

$h_Atch = _ExcelBookAttach("E:\Application\MicroExcel.xlsx")

While 1

Func Write()
    Local $h_Wnd = WinActivate("Microsoft Excel")
    _ExcelWriteCell($h_Atch, "Test", "A9")

Have at it. With the MicroExcel.xlsx OPEN and ACTIVE, the Excel.au3 UDF will crash if you attempt to write to the excel sheet while modifying a cell or inserting text into the "function" input box. Fails at line 454. You wont have any luck because it's not an AutoIt issue - It's an Excel COM/Object handling issue.

Also, if you are that ashamed of using AutoIt maybe you just should switch to a different language.

Tell this to the guy who created a UDF to fix exactly what my complaint was directed towards? Just answer the question next time -- The added "cents" aren't needed. Edited by IAmTheManYo

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An attitude shown is an attitude deserved. You "assumed" I was ashamed of using a coding language that I've been using for 5 years; shown in my forum join date alone. Your information was useful and you were thanked for it. Your added comments, however, were not appreciated.

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