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Loan/Payment Functions

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I have no idea if someone did this before, but I was learning this at school, and decided to make one with autoit. Im going to create a whole GUI and even the NPER formula and make a whole thing with it for a project.

;// PMT EXAMPLE (How much you will pay per Month)
$loanamount = 20000; Initial Loan Amount$20,000
$apr = 0.12 ;percent interest per year, NOT PER MONTH!
$months = 15; How long until you pay all of it off
$pmt = pmt($apr,$months,$loanamount);; payment per month
msgbox(0,"Your Payment Per Month","If you pay "&$apr*100&"% APR, for "&$months&" months, on a $"&$loanamount&" loan, you will have to pay $"&$pmt[0]&" every month."&@CRLF&"This will end up costing you $"&$pmt[1]&" in interest costing you a total of $"&$pmt[2])

;// PV EXAMPLE (How much of a Loan you can Afford)
$pmt = 1442.475604; How much you can afford to pay per month
$apr = 0.12 ;percent interest per year, NOT PER MONTH!
$months = 15; How long do you want this loan
$pv = pv($apr,$months,$pmt);; payment per month
msgbox(0,"You can Afford","If you can pay $"&$pmt&" every month for "&$months&" months, at "&$apr*100&"% interest, you can afford a $"&$pv&" loan!")

func pmt($apr,$months,$pv)
$rate = $apr/12
$pmt1 = Round(abs($pv/((1-(1/(1+$rate)^$months))/$rate)),2)
$totalpayment = round($pmt1*$months,2)
$totalinterest = round($totalpayment - $pv,2)
local $pmt[3] = [$pmt1,$totalinterest,$totalpayment]
return $pmt

func pv($apr,$months,$pmt)
$rate = $apr/12
return round(ABS($pmt*((1-(1+$rate)^-$months)/$rate)),2)

Those are the 2 formulas with examples

If you dont understand something just by the code, if you run it it should make more sense. Or else just let me know ill explain it

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