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How to capture FRAME or FORM

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I want to achieve determine the figure shown in Figure 3 in the file name (men and women) insert Figure 1 Figure 2 button sends the text

TEXT labeled 1 in Figure I tried to pick and names used are not caught would like to ask is which out of the error ..

I even used the loop (0 to 50) are not control overall grasp

For $g = 0 To 50
                        $oform2 = _IEFormGetCollection($oIE, $g)
for $gg = 0 to 50
        $oformele3 = _IEFormElementGetCollection($oform2,$gg)
        $osent = _IEFormElementSetValue($oformele3,"1231234")
;~                 If $g = @Compiled Then
;~                         MsgBox(0, "", $g)
;~                 EndIf



I also would like to ask how to determine the Figure 3, then the file name or icon

For example, assume that Figure 3 is sent a file with a 123 A

Suppose a file with a B in Figure 3 is sent 456

Thank you

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